A white flag emblazoned with the words “Who are they?, Who are we?“, has been exhibited from World Refugee Day on the 20th of June 2017 and onwards. World Refugee Day is a day that is dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world.  Asking the viewer the question, Who are they?, Who are we? , the flags are speaking about the many invisible borders we as a species have created through history.  Against the backdrop of the EU referendum and the US election outcome, the flags act as catalyst to discuss division and the growing fear of the stranger.  The stranger is an ambivalent character. They are neither neighbour nor alien, but both, simultaneously. Close foreigners and foreign neighbours. Alien fear is a product of the stranger's incongruous character and life is marked by the struggle to reduce alienation. People are bombarded with new impressions and social life has become more and more ritualistic, and when fellow citizens and establishments increasingly act out of self-interest, the result is social distance – hiding behind human made borders, both physical and invisible.  

Dividing the society into “us and them” will create problems, when right from the start, society places immigrants and second-generation immigrants as not being a part of the community. We are all people. We have bodies and minds, 10 fingers and 10 toes, but we’re all different, and the fact that we are, is what creates a enriched and multicultural society. 

The flags has been sent out to different location both in and outside UK, which can be found below. The flag is white, with the question written in black. One flag was exhibited outside the Civic Room in Glasgow, where an associated exhibition took place (see Exhibition). The Who is? Project will be used as a vehicle to discuss issues concerning today’s immigration system and raising people's awareness.

How to get involved
1. If you want to exhibit the flag, please use the contact details found under Contact and tell us a little bit about yourself and the space where the flag would be exhbited.
2. Share the project with others. Share it on Facebook. Share it on Instagram. Share it on Twitter. Share via email. Share this site!! If you spot the flag take a photo, and share it with us, either via email or on social medias using the hashtag #whoisproject #whoaretheywhoarewe

Places exhibiting the flag
Fotografisk Center, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Civic Room, lokal_30, Galleri Format, 2B Galéria, INDA Gallery, Brass'Art Digitaal, NOASS, Tirana Art Center, London Gallery West (University of Westminster), Camphill Gate, The Ubiquitous Chip, GoMA,

(Map of places can be found below)