Working with water as an object, artist Iman Tajik has created multiple videos showing everyday life, obscured by water talking about the European migrant crisis, which over the last couple of years has seen a surge of people entering the continent. Many people are refugees fleeing conflict and dream of a safer and better life. We see them landing on beaches and massing at the borders, trying to seek asylum in different countries. Some people never make it that far though, but end up dying in their attempt of getting a better life, stopped by human made borders. Of those who arrive, some will sometime be kept waiting, for anywhere between a month and multiple years. Through audio recordings from Glasgow Night Shelter, artist Jonas Jessen Hansen has been interviewing people from two different groups. One being the volunteers trying to help where they can, and the other being asylum seekers, who have fled wars, foreign or domestic, for the best chance of survival; they are left in a state of limbo awaiting a future.

The show took part of the Scottish Refugee Festival 2017, happening from Monday 19 June - Sunday 2. July 2017, under the main theme “Connect”.

The exhbition was sponsored by: